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AD9364 tx inverted

Question asked by jimmycn on Feb 6, 2015
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I am using AD9364/FMOMMS4-EBZ boards(one board for rx, and the other for tx) on non-os platform in ISM band.

both tx and rx works well with old version software on analogdevicesinc/ad9361 · GitHub which was downloaded more than 1 month ago.


last week I downloaded the lastest version software on the same github, now rx works well, but tx is wrong - all the bit sent seems inverted(from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1) - it is confirmed by chipscope capture. I go over the AD9364 register map doc(AD9364_Register_Map_Reference_Manual_UG-672), but the reg 0x011(Parallel Port Configuration 2)  Invert Tx bit is 0 in my platform.

And I compared the tx registers between running older version software and new version software and didn't find obvious difference.


Could you please help advice what cause tx signal inverted or what register should I double check? rx works fine and I think init params are ok, so I will not paste the params here(I am using Tdd mdoe, rxB/txB port).


BTW, rx is ok on condition that I comment below code in function ad9361_tx_quad_calib in file ad9361.c(in debug, both phy->current_rx_bw_Hz and phy->current_tx_bw_Hz equal 0 which I think they are not correct).


if (txnco_freq > (int64_t)(bw_rx / 4) || txnco_freq > (int64_t)(bw_tx / 4)) {