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bf527 hangs with shell browser

Question asked by windhunter on Nov 13, 2010
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We try to make our custom board with bf527 to work with usb-sticks. So we try to use shell browser example. It works fine with good usb-sticks. But when i use some not so good usb-stick, the blackfin hangs. I see that there are many whiles in usb drivers (libusb527, libdrv527), where it can hang, if somethin goes wrong. I don't want to make blackfin to work with all usb-sticks. But it shouldn't hang due to inserting of a bad stick! Now it hangs on insertion of usb-stick and on writing. It reads files without problems. I notice, that if i turn on nak timeouts, i can catch bad situations. But i cannot write a code to correctly inform filesystem about this. I use the following code


          pExitCriticalArg = adi_int_EnterCriticalRegion( pDevice->pEnterCriticalArg );
          pDevice->ClassCommandComplete = TRUE;

          if (FSSDirectCallbackFunction)
                (FSSDirectCallbackFunction)( &pDevice->DeviceHandle, ADI_FSS_EVENT_MEDIA_REMOVED, 0 );
            } else
                (pDevice->DMCallback) ( pDevice->DeviceHandle, ADI_FSS_EVENT_MEDIA_REMOVED, 0 );


but it still hangs. Could you recommend a correct way to process nak-timeouts.


I use visualDsp++