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recommended method to version control hdl proj originating from github

Question asked by AnhDat on Feb 5, 2015
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How do you purpose I version control a subset of the below code provided that I will be adding blocks to, etc:


* you have many tcl scripts which are used to generate their custom IPs I guess first from their libraries and then the specific project, in my case the hdl/projects/fmcomms2/vc707/ branch

* you run your builds in project mode, but I like using non-project mode

* you recommend to use vivado 2014.2 which I do currently, but when I set up my Make system and version control I'd like to make it flexible so I could regenerate the cores easily for a later vivado version if needed


I've been playing with a few ideas:


1- take your working project after running all their tcl scripts, copy out all IP .xci files, and then version control those and use "read_ip" for those in non-project mode.  (I wouldn't have to track the individual .xdc constraint files per IP in this case right?)

2- I wanted to maybe be able to use "write_bd_tcl"  and then source this out putted tcl file in my non-project mode, but I am missing their vendor IPs it looks like when it goes to source the written bd tcl, and errors out

3- I thought maybe I'd take their file and just do a "read_bd" to load up all the IP blocks, but that doesn't seem to work...


I've been looking through documents such as:


Let me know what route in your opinion is best to go ... THANKS!