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Using FMCADC2 with VC707

Question asked by acwvh4 on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by mhennerich

I'm currently trying to get data down from the FMCADC2 using the VC707. I have followed the instructions from the following wiki:


Withthis code, I was only fully program the VC707 two out of fifty times. The xmd command hangs up indefinitely, but sometimes it does work. I'll talk more on this issue below. I can hook up the UART and log in as root.  Additionally, with this code I can run Vivado and use the ILA tool to get data samples. In the follow thread, I was given a tcl script to interpret the data:


Getting Data From FMCADC2 from VC707


However, the ADC data using this TCL script is not good. I expected noise, but I get jumps in data with no input. I have seen in other documentation that I'm not sure I can attach due to NDA, but I need to configure the ADC using SPI. Every example of this using the Zynq board, but none for the VC707.


Zynq Only Documentation

Guide of What I want to do. the VC707 links to GIT, but its only the HDL code and not software support.

I finally found some sort of software support using the above link. In this thread,  it would load but nothing happened. I looked at the UART, but nothing was printed out.

AD-FMCADC2-EBZ Bare Metal Quick Start Guide    [Analog Devices Wiki]


A vast majority of the time I couldn't see anything. My ILA core was not showing up because I would get this issue: "ERROR: [Labtools 27-147] vcse_server: XSDB Master timed out." I saw this link that suggests that FMCADC2 board is bad?

So I have two VC707s and two FMCADC2 boards, and I tried all combinations and I get this error message. I checked the voltage test points on the ADC, and they look like good voltages (12V, 1.3V, and 3.3V). I highly doubt both of my VC707 boards and FMCADC2 boards are bad.