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AD9122 clocking with FMcomms1!

Question asked by Jetmiri on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by charlyelkhoury

I am using zedboard with fmcomms1. I am using the HDL reference design from the analogdevicesinc/hdl · GitHub

I was trying to understand how the clock is running between zedboard PL and fmcomms1. The port ref_clk which is clock of 30.3 MHz is routed to the AD9548 9548_REF_P  pinin the fmcomms1. The dac_clk_in clock input on axi_ad9122 is 462.96 MHz and it is connected to the AD9523-1  DAC_DCO_P output port. The output clock from axi_ad9122 dac_out_p is connected to the AD9122 DAC_DCI_N input port. I don't know this clock frequency.


Can someone try to explain me how the fmcomms1 with dac 9122 works together with zedboard!?


I want to pump data with rate of 16 MHz inside the DAC. So does ti mean that my out put clock dac_out_p should be 16 MHz and should I change anything in the imput clock for axi_ad9122 or for referenc clock I provide to the fmcomms1 AD9548 !?


Please let me know if this is possible.