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Where can I found _WP-pin description ?

Question asked by ZPP on Feb 5, 2015

I am programming ADSP BF514 processor.


Suddenly I wrote the Software Status register of the SPI flash memory to 0x98.

So now BPL=1 and I can write nothing to the BF512's SPI flash memory.



How I can refer page # 809 on the below Hardware reference manual: ADSP-BF51x_hwr_rev1.2.pdf




Executing the write-status-register instruction is ignored when the BPL bit

is set to ‘1’. The BPL bit can only be set from ‘0’ to ‘1’ to lock-down the

status register, but cannot be reset from ‘1’ to ‘0’.



I read the Software Status register after "Power ON" and see state=0x98, (i.e. BPL=1).


What do I need to write BPL= 0?



How I can refer page #790 on the Hardware reference manual: ADSP-BF51x_hwr_rev1.2.pdf



" When BPL is set to ‘1’, it prevents any further alteration of the BPL, BP1,

and BP0 bits. After power-up, the BPL bit is reset to ‘0’. "



I can remove all the power to the board and repower it again.


Before Power_ON I put ADSP BF514 into "Boot from UART0 host" (BMODE2:1:0 = 111). 


Then I load to DSP a little firmware to read the Status Register.    
I read the Software Status register after "Power ON" and see the state=0x98, (i.e. BPL=1). 


Something wrong in this order of the events?


Attempting to write the Software Status register meet with failure!


Another attempt:   I put my BF514 undo IZ-ICE and load a little firmware through JTAG.

I read again the Software Status register after "Power ON" and see again the state=0x98, (i.e. BPL=1). 



Also I can refer page # 790 on the Hardware reference manual: ADSP-BF51x_hwr_rev1.2.pdf


Block-Protection (BP2, BP1, BP0)


"... The write-status-register (WRSR) instruction is used to program the BP1 and BP0 bits as long as _WP is high or the block-protect-lock (BPL) bit is ‘0’.   ..."


So: _WP-pin should unblock SPI flash memory write protection...




Information in Support case:

mentioned  _WP signal only once:


" I have done the reset to those write protection block bits. Plus WP# is all time high during program, which is set to allow execute WRSR. Looks like it should unblock write protection. "



It seems that _WP = is the signal I am looking for.


Please help me:   where can I found _WP-pin description ?


Hardware reference manual ADSP-BF51x_hwr_rev1.2.pdf  and


can't help me...


Thanks for your time.