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How to save data generated in an application to a flash / other non-volatile memory?

Question asked by chagai on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2010 by TomA


I'm using the Bf518 EzBoard.
My application boots from the external flash (I managed to do that). then is runs for a while and aquires and generates some data. Then it goes back to sleep for a while.
When it wakes up again (reset), I need the program to reboot but this time of course it has to retreive the data from its last operation too.
I know how to boot from the flash  -  when using the vdsp. but how do i save some data on the non-volatile flash so i can use it later again (after power down)?
Is there a simple command like: "SAVE_TO_FLASH (ARR);" ??
Again' I would like to emphasize that I'm already booting from flash in a 'Stand Alone' application.