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AD9910 Dig Ramp Mode Capabilities

Question asked by on Feb 4, 2015
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I'm new to the forum and was hoping to get some questions answered for a solution I'm looking into.  I want to generate a 100kHz ramp signal that has 14bit resolution steps. Output voltage doesn't matter as I will use an amplifier to scale it to the needed voltage.


-Will the AD9910 be able to do this in DRM mode?

-What is max freq that AD9910 will be able to produce a ramp with 14bit stepping? 

-How many output steps can be loaded into the AD9910 RAM if I were to read from RAM?

-Are there other DDS chips that I should be looking at that would be better fit?


I got the AD9102 EV board and in sawtooth mode, the output freq won't get high enough, and in RAM mode, there is only enough for 4096 steps instead of full 16384 for 14bit. 


Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.