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Newbie Needs Help Loading Profile in AD9548 Eval Software

Question asked by gda on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by gda

Help!  I can't get my eval board profile to load.  I'm following the PLL Quick Start procedure in the user's guide UG-639 (2014) for AD9548/PCBZ.  The problem is that when I get to the stage where the PLL configuration profile is supposed to be loaded -- nothing apparently happens.  I get a successful load pop up window.  But, I don't see any profile values loaded into the Profile Summary page.  Can someone please help me?  What am I doing wrong?  My setup is Windows7/64bit, AD9548 Software Version 2.0.1, MS-Office-2003, wall power supply, USB drivers appear loaded and working.  During my first attempt at loading a profile, I had a problem with the file format.  The user guide says save the profile using the Excel profile designer spreadsheet.  Excel saves this as .xls format by default.  AD9548 Software only accepts files with .psu format.  I renamed the .xls file to .psu -- and the AD9548 software did not like this file format.  The software aborted with an error (something like: read past end of file error).  To get past this problem, I went back to Excel and saved as tab-delimited text file.   Excel saves as .txt format.  I relabelled the file as .psu format.  Then AD9548 software accepted this file; says successfully loaded partial configuration file.  However, as I indicated earlier, there are no apparent profile values listed.  I played around with a couple other Excel file formats -- unicode-text  -- csv.  All of them exhibit the same behavior -- AD9548 software successfully reads the file -- but no values are listed in the Profile Summary window. I have attached a copy of the .psu file that I am using.   -P-L-E-A-S-E----H-E-L-P-