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MIPS estimation for ADAU1701

Question asked by Chrisdw on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by JohnTo

I’m using an ADAU1701 part for an application splitting 3
digital I/P channels of into 6 channels then following with speaker crossover filtering with appropriate low pass/high pass filtering for distribution to woofer/tweeters (following amplification).

I’m finding that, although the compiler output file tells me that the number of
instructions/RAM available etc is well within the resources, the DSP MIPS
appears to be exceeded as outputs glitch or stop working when adding the
additional limiter/compression blocks that I require.

I’m aware that the filtering is not necessarily optimized and there may be a better way to
implement but wanted to understand how I can estimate/measure the MIPS used for
a particular design (assuming this is the issue).   I can’t seem to see this in
any of the resources/compiler output for the ADAU1701.

I note from other FAQ that compiler output for ADAU1761/1781 etc. have additional MIPS information and breakdown of MIPS for the individual blocks/functions.

If the ADAU1701 does not have this additional info assuming I could compile same design for ADAU1761 which has same core frequency/number of instructions/program RAM?

Also is there a MIPS estimation for the individual algorithms in Sigma Studio?   

Note that using single precision filters throughout and running at 48k sample
rate with external 12.288MHz master clock supplied.

Look forward to reply on this.