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Unable to get ADuM3223 to work, even with the ADuMx233EBZ eval board

Question asked by Milton on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Milton

I am currently using the ADuMx233EBZ to test the driver.

I have two setups, one which have 2 600V  Coolmos C6 MOSFETS(IPB60R099C6) connected to it and another which does not have any MOSFETs soldered to it.

The boards are shown in the attached pictures.


Board 1 with MOSEFETs (the dioded was added in bootstrap mode only later)


Board 2. Only soldered the pins at J1




The boards are powered by a Instek GPS-4303 Quad Output Power Supply with 4 isolated output


One output at 10V is connected across VDDA and GNDA

The 2nd output at 10V is connected across VDDB and GNDB

Finally, the 3rd output at 3.3V is connected at VDD1 and GND1.



Logic input are generated using a microcontroller with at 3.3V high/low and connected via J1. The ground of the microcontroller is connected to GND1.

I believe at the default setting, the driver is enabled as the disable pin is connected via the R5 resistor to GND1.


Test cases (for gating signals):
Board 1:
Test 1: Connected to boost converter circuit, however the converter supply is not switched on

Test 2: Disconnected from boost converter circuit

Test 3: Tried bootstrap mode with diode, removed connections from VDDA/GNDA and powered supply via VDDB/GNDB


However, there is no response from the ADuM3223 driver at all. No current or voltage waveform output, nothing.  Neither is there current drawn from the power supply and the driver is cold.


We replaced the driver on board 1. Nothing.


Next, we used a new evaluation board (Board 2) where we just soldered the header pins at J1, made the same 3 supply connections (and logic connections), and tried testing.


It was the same thing, no current drawn, no output signals, chip was cold.


Is there anything we have overlooked? Have there been problems with the batch of evaluation boards or drivers sold? We think there might be something fundamental we have overlooked...