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AD7176-2 RDY

Question asked by Terumasa on Feb 3, 2015
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Could you teach me about the high width of AD7176-2 RDY at single conversion?

I think that high width of RDY include scan time ( 20us) + settling time.

Is it correct ?


My customer test this at below condition.

(My customer thought that high width of RDY is about 20us from channel scan rate 50 Ksps).

Mode: SIngle conversion

FIlter: Sinc3


ODR: 250Ksps(settling 20us) and 50Ksps (settling 12us)

Then high width of RDY is about 40us at 250Ksps and 32 us about 50Ksps.


So, I think that RDY includes scan time (20 time) + settling time.


Please let me know your advice.