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How to diagnose a non-responsive AD-FMDADC2 board connected to a Zynq706?

Question asked by jcdmelo on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by ShaneFoss

Dear members,


We have an AD-FMCADC2 board that is connected to the HPC connector on a Zynq706 FPGA board from Xilinx. We got the Linaro Linux working, with the supplied image stored in the SD card, and everything went OK. Even though we did not have a signal in the input, we were able to capture data and save it (all zeroes) to a file. We happily turned off the system to prepare for next day actual measurements, but the board is not being identified anymore. In the AD IIO oscilloscope application, the device panel is empty, and in the DMM application, some signal that the board was identified is apparent, from the FRU data that, I think, is being retrieved from the I2C EEPROM in the A/D board (please, see the screenshot below).


Any sugestions on how to verify what's goind on? We can run the BIST on the FPGA board, which passes without problems, and Linux and all other utilities run OK.


I can provide more information or perform tests as suggested.



Julio de Melo


Screenshot of the AD IIO applications: