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Problem: AD5372 Output always 0V

Question asked by GHegi on Feb 2, 2015
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I’m using an evaluation board for the AD5372 DAC-chip, with which I have the

following problem:


I measured the outputted voltages using an oscilloscope, but no matter which

command I send to the EVAL-board the output is always 0 V. The commands are

send to the chip via USB with a self written LabView program using the DLL for

this DAC family and the supplied USB driver.


So, I’ve measured the commands the chip receives with the oscilloscope and they

appear to be fine according to the specs/command document. Also, the specified

supply voltages are present (5 V, +- 16 V). Further, I’ve set/unset RESET as

specified and made sure that CLR is not active. But it still will only give me

0 V.


Do you have any idea what I still could try? And/or why this problem might



Thanks in advance for any help!