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AD9910 Parallel port

Question asked by ramola on Feb 2, 2015
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I want to interface an FPGA (Altera deo nano) with the AD9910 DDS and use the parallel port of the DDS to read the values from the DDS. I initially thought I could only connect the parallel port of the DDS to the GPIO header of the FPGA and have the Txenable on and then write a simple verilog code to generate a frequency from the DDS. This doesn't work. My question is if it's possible to use this parallel port along with the evaluation software of the AD9910 and if so, how does one go about it? And if not, what further connections do I need to make. (This I don't expect an answer for but it would be great if anybody could help me with the FPGA coding to be able to talk to the DDS). Thanks!