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Makefile with multiple sources files get a wrong path

Question asked by thedav31 on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Kader.M



I am creating a makefile that I can maintain in the easier way that the one automatically generated.

This will compile all the cpp sources files that I have :



    $(VDSP)/ccblkfn.exe -c $(SRC) $(COMPILER_OPTIONS) $(INCLUDES) -o $@


And this works fine, but when I add more than 200 sources, I start having compiler error.

The error is :

cc3047: {D} error: `.\basic_lib\VirtualMacine\src\vmGetInterrupts.cpp' does not exist

cc3056: {D} warning: Ignoring output file `build\dsp\BASIC\obj\Wrapper.doj' - multiple source files specified

ccblkfn.exe: 1 error detected


For some raisons the 'h' of VirtualMachine just disappeared that is why it does not find it.

But the SRC got the god path and the command line does have it too.



[There is 260 sources]

.\basic_lib\VirtualMachine\src\vmGetInterrupts.cpp \

.\basic_lib\VirtualMachine\src\vminfile.cpp \

.\basic_lib\VirtualMachine\src\vminterrupt.cpp \

.\basic_lib\VirtualMachine\src\vmio.cpp \



COMPILER_OPTIONS=-c++ -O -Ov100 -no-annotate -path-output .\build\dsp\BASIC\obj -ignore-std -D AKD_BASIC_BUILD


COMPILER_OPTIONS+= -U USE_DIAGNOSTIC -U ETHERCAT_AND_CANOPEN_BUILD -U SYNQNET_BUILD -double-size-64 -double-size-any -decls-strong -flags-compiler

COMPILER_OPTIONS+= --diag_warning,implicit_func_decl -warn-protos -threads -si-revision any -proc ADSP-BF536 -MM



Is there a known issue about it ?

Or should I specified another compiler options to specify multiple source files ?