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Inputs and Outputs Muted on EVAL-ADAU1401AEBZ

Question asked by wsaba on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by ColemanR

Hello, I am a student working on creating a 2 input 4 output DSP amplfier system and I can't seem to get past the first main hurdle: getting audio into and out of (ignoring filters for now) the board. I put in a signal detector right after the input and I cannot get it to register anything. In debugging this issue I've already set the jumpers to what I presume is the correct settings for analog input and output and I've gone to the register control window and after executing the "read all" function it appears that the DAC's and ADC's are muted. I click to unmute them but it doesn't make any difference that I can tell. I try to "write" over the settings but when I read from them again it brings back the (I assume) default mute position. If someone could guide me through the steps to getting sound out of this board or point to where it is detailed I would appreciate it


Thanks in advance!


TLDR version: Can't seem to "un-mute" the EVAL board. screen capture attached to highlight what I think is the issue. I am using headphones connected directly to the DAC for testing, and using a known good cable outputting from my laptop to the board using the RCA 0/1 inputs.