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Problem with ADIsimPower for ADP2442

Question asked by ricky on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by ricky

Hi All,


I have a problem with ADIsimPower of ADP2442.

My specification is as next:

Vin= 10.5Vmin to 20Vmax

Vout= 8V

Iout(Load)= 0.77A

When I input the above condition, and press “View Solution”, then following warning message appeared;

“Inductor ripple at Vin min (0.166Ap-p) is less than 0.2Ap-p. While the design is stable, the crossover frequency may be lower than predicted”

How can I change the condition (specification) to resolve?

I still want to use the ADP2442 anyway.


Best Regards,