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Problem reading output from AD7961 FMC Board in Zedboard.

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2015
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I am using the EVAL_AD7961_FMCZ board to read values from the ADC into the Zedboard. I got the ADC verilog driver file from the Analog Devices WIKI project that uses AD7961 that has the following interface:


module AD7961


input m_clk_i, // 100 MHz Clock, used for tiing

input fast_clk_i, // Maximum 300 MHz Clock, used for serial transfer

input reset_n_i, // Reset signal, active low

input [ 3:0] en_i, // Enable pins input

input d_pos_i, // Data In, Positive Pair

input d_neg_i, // Data In, Negative Pair

input dco_pos_i, // Echoed Clock In, Positive Pair

input dco_neg_i, // Echoed Clock In, Negative Pair

output [ 3:0] en_o, // Enable pins output

output cnv_pos_o, // Convert Out, Positive Pair

output cnv_neg_o, // Convert Out, Negative Pair

output clk_pos_o, // Clock Out, Positive Pair

output clk_neg_o, // Clock Out, Negative Pair

output data_rd_rdy_o, // Signals that new data is available

output [15:0] data_o // Read Data


So making use of the AXI4Lite I have designed a hardware that reads and latches the value of data_o when the data_rd_rdy_o goes high. I debugged the hardware using ILA and the output wasn't as expected.


The first signal is the data_o (only last 16bits) and the second signal is the data_rd_rdy_o. The third one is where I latch the value of data_o. The data output looks strange as

  • Looks like data keeps accumulating till the data_rd_rdy_o goes high but it suddenly accumulates to zero sometimes.
  • The data output value is always zero or 21 (hex) no matter what input I give to the board.

Could some one please point out what could have gone wrong?

Heres my hardware setup :