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Advice on becoming an Analog/Mixed-Signal Design Engineer (please help)

Question asked by mkpak93 on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by dmercer

Dear the Community of Analog Devices,

I'm currently a student studying Electrical Engineering and will be graduating this May(final semester) with a BS. Recently after taking Analog Electronics and being exposed to RFIC Design (which I'm currently taking this semester), I have decided that I want to (eventually) work as an Analog Design Engineer or an engineer dealing with analog or mixed-signal components and architectures of various ICs. From what I researched, almost all jobs involved in such field usually requires a MS or PhD. Sadly, I'm not quite sure if I can be admitted to the program at my school due to GPA reasons (currently have a 3.0, they require a 3.2). And it's too late to get recommendation letters for by the time I get them, the deadline for apply will pass. 

So is there any other possible way for me to enter the field? I'm afraid I'll never be able to get my foot in the door unless I get a higher degree or industry experience. But how can I get industry experience without having the higher degree. Am I right in saying that this is a catch-22 situation?!


I have my own personal lab with my own oscilloscope, signal generator, etc, and have built few of my own circuits. so I'm really into electronics design as a career.


Considering my circumstances, I ask you guys, the engineers, is there any other possible way for me to get into the field!? Should I self teach myself the material? Please help.


- Sincerely,


Nabil Mohammad