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[Need urgent help on Adv7626 Osd function]: emulator is ok but with adv7626 all osd picture are abnormal

Question asked by snowdream on Jan 31, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by snowdream

Hi all:


    i with blimp 3.7 to designed a osd project and emulated the project with emulator in my personal computer. All are my wanting.


    but when i download the bin file into the flash and after the adv7626 begin to action, the osd picture can show out but are all abnormal.

    [i have no emulator board, just design a new hardware board with adv7626]


    Problem 1:

    No letter can be shown out.

    i use some label component and filled the label text but in the real board, the picture can show out without letter.


    Problem 2:

    in the final ddr2_dump.bin file, does the font.bat and imagelib.bat are including in the bin file?

    if it is not, how the adv7626 get my picture and added font lib?

     if it is true, why bin file size is smaller than *.bat?

    after blimp compiled, c and h files can be created and meanwhile there is a font.bat file created too.


    Problem 3:

    emulated on my pc, all osd picture resolution is normal as i setting, but with adv7626, the osd pictures are all show abnormal.

    i attached two pictures and normal.bmp is emulated on my pc and the abnormal.bmp is pictures shown out in my board with adv7626.


    pls help to give me some advices for in the blimp user guide file, i can not find anything useful for me to handle the problems.


    Thank you so much.


Best Regards