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AD9680-1000EBZ Unusually High Input Power

Question asked by pikafu on Jan 30, 2015
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I am testing the AD9680-1000EBZ at 1 GHz clock rate. I set up everything according to the User's Guide and I'm using the default VisualAnalog template to view my results. I was injecting a single tone CW signal (I believe it was < 500 MHz) but I kept getting a very low dBFS on the fundamental in VisualAnalog. I cranked my signal generator up to its max power output (20 dBm) and it the fundamental was still sitting around -30 dBFS. Granted we have some cable loss and filter loss but that does not account for the massive difference between the input power and dBFS readings. I also don't believe that the matching network is so poorly designed as to affect the circuit so much. What could be going on?


Thanks in advance.