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ADV7619 IO Register 0x03 problem with 480p

Question asked by LShields on Jan 30, 2015
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I'm trying to get a consistent 480p video input working with the ADV7619.  The problem I'm having is the recommended value for IO register 0x05 (i2c address 0x98) is 0x28.  However, if I am showing 720p double pixel mode and then want to switch to 480p single pixel per clock mode, as the last step, I have to write 0x08 to this register.  This zero's out bit 0x20 (a bit right next to F_OUT_SEL).  This bit appears undocumented, but I'm not sure why this works. 


In fact, if the bit is left a zero instead of the default of 1, then everything seems to work fine.


Is this causing a problem?  Or, is there more documentation on this bit?