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ADAU1701 (EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ) i2c write issue

Question asked by Vito_P on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by Vito_P

Hello everybody!


I am tryng to use a TI MSP430F6638 microcontroller to comunicate via i2c with my EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ.

I set the i2c rate at 400KHz, and I placed two 2k2 resistors connected to 3v3 to pull-up the i2c bus.

The SCL and SDA are connected respectively to the pin 1 and 3 of the connector J8 ( see EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ  datasheetpage 8)


But it is not working when I try to write into the EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ.

I send the address but I don't receive any aknowledge by the DSP. By using the oscilloscope I can see that the correct address is sent (0x68), but the ADAU1701 doesen't send the acknowledge.

Since the ADDR0 and ADDR1 pins of ADAU1701 are connected to 0, the address should be 0x68. Anyway I tryed also the others possible addresses (0x6A, 0x6C, 0x6E) but it still doesent't work.


Of course I am sending the 7 bit address, for example I send 0x34 in order to have  0x68 on the bus, in fact the address I see using the oscilloscope is correct.


Is there anyone that experienced the same issue? is there any particular setting to do on the ADAU1701 or on the host MCU?

Please, do you have any suggestion?

I have wasted a lot of days in order to solve this problem!

Thank you in advance


Vito Pirro