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ADV7511, defect on HDMI output when HDCP=ON under specific video resolution.

Question asked by usaghi on Jan 29, 2015
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We are experiencing defect on HDMI output when HDCP=ON under 1400 x 1050 video resolution and would like to ask your help.


The error appears various looking and unstable, sometimes shows kind of snow noise on the display every 1 second interval, or sometimes normal output after waiting for a little while.  We could not yet identify and catch up error condition.


- If switch from HDCP=ON to =OFF during the error is occurring, normal display appears.

- Specific resolution 1400 x 1050 seems to bring error. If changing resolution to other when error is occurring, normal display appears  even though HDCP is still =ON.


Erroneous display device which is connecting output is not decided and specified.

When occurring error, other display also shows same error, thus it may not depends on display devices we are assuming.


Probably it may be hard to see what's wrong only with above, however if you provide any suggestions, comments or information to imply what can be a cause, would be very much appreciated.


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