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AD9364 Reference Clock Input Voltage

Question asked by jhenderson on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by tlili

After reviewing the AD9364 datasheet, as well as UG-673, it appears to me that there is a conflict regarding the acceptable input voltage level at the XTALN input when driving the input with an external oscillator.



-The datasheet for the AD9364 lists 1.3Vpp (AC Coupled) as a typical input level for an external oscillator, and the min and max values are not listed.  Also, the XTALN input voltage is not specified in the Absolute Max table in the datasheet.

-The “Reference Clock Setup and Operation” section of UG-673 states that “The level for the clock should be 1.3 Vp-p maximum (lower swings can be used but will limit performance)”


My two questions are:

-What is the input voltage (or range of voltages) that will ensure optimal performance of the AD9364?

-What is the correct maximum input voltage that will cause damage to the part?



Josh Henderson