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[ADV7610] TDMS PLL is not stable

Question asked by hmitani on Jan 29, 2015
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I am trying to make the HDMI receiver for 720p display panel utilizing the ADV7610.

It is very stable with some sources, and not with some sources. With source make the ADV7610 un-stable, I can lock and un-lock synchronization by pecking a terminal of the XTAL on PCB with  a probe of oscilloscope.  Once the ADV7610 enters un-locked mode, It remains un-locked mode unless pecking.

Can I do something to prevent the TDMS block of the ADV7610 from confusing input signal format? The ADV7610 may not try to choose the video mode such as 480p , 1080i, XGA, and so on. because, my display panel is fixed resolution (1280x720) and fixed frame rate(60Hz).




Mitani Hiroshi