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NLMS Block for ADAU1452?

Question asked by dan_xerx on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by dan_xerx

Hello there,


SigmaStudio's 3.11.1 beta have this NLMS block for ADAU1452 but seems it is not functioning well. Pin0 and Pin1 are inverted, I believe, and there is no TC in in ADAU1452 as compared to the ADAU1761 chip.  There's no documentation as far as I can search, so no clue as to how it works, except for some forum topics before related to this.


Using ADAU1452's NLMS block, I have tried BrettG's model design from here:

but I got NO OUTPUT (pin0 &pin1 already inverted). ADAU1761's NLMS block works perfectly fine on this design model from BrettG.


Any thoughts as to what goes wrong on this NLMS ADAU1452 block?