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ADV7630 HDMI DVI change

Question asked by daisu on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2015 by mattp

Hello all,


Please let me know your advice about below


1.  We can not change DVI to HDMI or HDMI to DVI about output of TXA/TXB.

     Output of TX is not changed even if TX_HDMI_MODE is set to 1 (manual) or EXT_HDMI_MODE is set to 0.
     TXA/TXB Main Map  0xAF

2.  ADV7630 can not indentify if input signal is HDMI or DVI.
     At the moment, ADV7630 identifies that sinput signal is DVI though Input signal is HDMI.
     HDMI ,Map  0x05