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AD9361 charge pump calibration

Question asked by lior on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by lior

I’m in a bring up process of a new board with the AD9361, I’m seeing the following behaviors after sending the script on the bottom.

What’s work well is:

  1. SPI interface
  2. clk_out signal
  3. Data_clk signal
  4. BBPLL lock, Done when 0x05E[7]==1


What’s Does not work is:

  1. No data coming out from the AD936, even when I enable loop mode 0x3F5[0]<=1 , while data is being sent in the Tx direction.
  2. ENSM stuck in state 4.
  3. Wait for Charge Pump calibration never complete (Done stays low 0x244[7]==0 or 0x284[7]==0 ).


The only difference from the AD9361 evaluation bord is that the VDD_GPO is connected to 1.3V instead of 3.3V.


I have no idea how to proceeds, any have?


BlockWrite          2,6          // Set ADI FPGA SPI to 20Mhz

SPIWrite              3DF,01


SPIWrite              295,14   // Power up XO path (Default)

SPIWrite              2A6,0E  // Enable Master Bias

SPIWrite              2A8,0E  // Set Bandgap Trim

REFCLK_Scale    40.000000,1,2     // Sets local variables in script engine, user can ignore

SPIWrite              292,08   // Set DCXO Coarse Tune[5:0]

SPIWrite              293,80   // Set DCXO Fine Tune [12:5]

SPIWrite              294,00   // Set DCXO Fine Tune [4:0]

SPIWrite              2AB,07  // Set RF PLL reflclk scale to REFCLK * 2

SPIWrite              2AC,FF  // Set RF PLL reflclk scale to REFCLK * 2

SPIWrite              009,07   // Enable Clocks


WAIT     20           // waits 20 ms


// Set BBPLL Frequency: 983.040000


SPIWrite              045,00   // Set BBPLL reflclk scale to REFCLK /1

SPIWrite              046,03   // Set BBPLL Loop Filter Charge Pump current

SPIWrite              048,E8   // Set BBPLL Loop Filter C1, R1

SPIWrite              049,5B   // Set BBPLL Loop Filter R2, C2, C1

SPIWrite              04A,35  // Set BBPLL Loop Filter C3,R2

SPIWrite              04B,E0   // Allow calibration to occur and set cal count to 1024 for max accuracy

SPIWrite              04E,10   // Set calibration clock to REFCLK/4 for more accuracy

SPIWrite              043,29   // BBPLL Freq Word (Fractional[7:0])

SPIWrite              042,5C   // BBPLL Freq Word (Fractional[15:8])

SPIWrite              041,12   // BBPLL Freq Word (Fractional[23:16])

SPIWrite              044,18   // BBPLL Freq Word (Integer[7:0])

SPIWrite              03F,05   // Start BBPLL Calibration

SPIWrite              03F,01   // Clear BBPLL start calibration bit

SPIWrite              04C,86   // Increase BBPLL KV and phase margin

SPIWrite              04D,01  // Increase BBPLL KV and phase margin

SPIWrite              04D,05  // Increase BBPLL KV and phase margin


WAIT_CALDONE               BBPLL,2000         // Wait for BBPLL to lock, Timeout 2sec, Max BBPLL VCO Cal Time: 345.600 us (Done when 0x05E[7]==1)

SPIRead               05E         // Check BBPLL locked status  (0x05E[7]==1 is locked)

SPIWrite              002,DC  // Setup Tx Digital Filters/ Channels

SPIWrite              003,DC  // Setup Rx Digital Filters/ Channels

SPIWrite              004,03   // Select Rx input pin(A,B,C)/ Tx out pin (A,B)

SPIWrite              00A,15  // Set BBPLL post divide rate



// Setup the Parallel Port (Digital Data Interface)


SPIWrite              010,C8   // PPORT Config 1

SPIWrite              011,00   // PPORT Config 2

SPIWrite              012,02   // PPORT Config 3

SPIWrite              006,0F   // PPORT Rx Delay (adjusts Tco Dataclk->Data)

SPIWrite              007,00   // PPORT TX Delay (adjusts setup/hold FBCLK->Data)



// Setup AuxDAC


SPIWrite              018,00   // AuxDAC1 Word[9:2]

SPIWrite              019,00   // AuxDAC2 Word[9:2]

SPIWrite              01A,00  // AuxDAC1 Config and Word[1:0]

SPIWrite              01B,00   // AuxDAC2 Config and Word[1:0]

SPIWrite              023,FF   // AuxDAC Manaul/Auto Control

SPIWrite              026,00   // AuxDAC Manual Select Bit/GPO Manual Select

SPIWrite              030,00   // AuxDAC1 Rx Delay

SPIWrite              031,00   // AuxDAC1 Tx Delay

SPIWrite              032,00   // AuxDAC2 Rx Delay

SPIWrite              033,00   // AuxDAC2 Tx Delay



// Setup AuxADC


SPIWrite              00B,00   // Temp Sensor Setup (Offset)

SPIWrite              00C,00   // Temp Sensor Setup (Temp Window)

SPIWrite              00D,03  // Temp Sensor Setup (Periodic Measure)

SPIWrite              00F,04   // Temp Sensor Setup (Decimation)

SPIWrite              01C,10   // AuxADC Setup (Clock Div)

SPIWrite              01D,01  // AuxADC Setup (Decimation/Enable)



// Setup Control Outs


SPIWrite              035,00   // Ctrl Out index

SPIWrite              036,FF   // Ctrl Out [7:0] output enable



// Setup GPO


SPIWrite              03A,27  // Set number of REFCLK cycles for 1us delay timer

SPIWrite              020,00   // GPO Auto Enable Setup in RX and TX

SPIWrite              027,03   // GPO Manual and GPO auto value in ALERT

SPIWrite              028,00   // GPO_0 RX Delay

SPIWrite              029,00   // GPO_1 RX Delay

SPIWrite              02A,00  // GPO_2 RX Delay

SPIWrite              02B,00   // GPO_3 RX Delay

SPIWrite              02C,00   // GPO_0 TX Delay

SPIWrite              02D,00  // GPO_1 TX Delay

SPIWrite              02E,00   // GPO_2 TX Delay

SPIWrite              02F,00   // GPO_3 TX Delay


SPIWrite              261,00   // Set Rx LO Power mode

SPIWrite              2A1,00  // Set Tx LO Power mode

SPIWrite              248,0B   // Enable Rx VCO LDO

SPIWrite              288,0B   // Enable Tx VCO LDO

SPIWrite              246,02   // Set VCO Power down TCF bits

SPIWrite              286,02   // Set VCO Power down TCF bits

SPIWrite              249,8E   // Set VCO cal length

SPIWrite              289,8E   // Set VCO cal length

SPIWrite              23B,80   // Enable Rx VCO cal

SPIWrite              27B,80   // Enable Tx VCO cal

SPIWrite              243,0D  // Set Rx prescaler bias

SPIWrite              283,0D  // Set Tx prescaler bias

SPIWrite              23D,00  // Clear Half VCO cal clock setting

SPIWrite              27D,00  // Clear Half VCO cal clock setting


SPIWrite              015,04   // Set Dual Synth mode bit

SPIWrite              014,05   // Set Force ALERT State bit

SPIWrite              013,01   // Set ENSM FDD mode

WAIT     1              // waits 1 ms

SPIWrite              23D,04  // Start RX CP cal

WAIT_CALDONE               RXCP,100             // Wait for CP cal to complete, Max RXCP Cal time: 460.800 (us)(Done when 0x244[7]==1)

SPIWrite              27D,04  // Start TX CP cal

WAIT_CALDONE               TXCP,100             // Wait for CP cal to complete, Max TXCP Cal time: 460.800 (us)(Done when 0x284[7]==1)