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HMC463 functionality for chirp correction?

Question asked by ccarabajal on Jan 28, 2015
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Working on a university radar system. I'm currently facing an issue in my 2-18 GHz chirp signal near the output of a waveform generation stage, prior to a couple PAs and antennas. The issue is that right in the middle of my chirp, we're getting a "dip" in output power, decreased by about 5-10 dB over several GHz. This is in conjunction with other typical frequency-dependent issues, the most prominent of which is the higher frequency dropout by several dB near the 17-18 GHz point. The chirp lasts for roughly 250 us.


Would it be possible to use the HMC463 VGA to correct this signal by aligning a varying control voltage to the Vgg control pin of the HMC463? This control voltage would not be static over the duration of the pulse -- instead, it would be aligned in time with the length of the chirp (250 us) and would vary within the -1.3 V to 0 V Vgg range over the course of the 250 us to flatten the response of the output, thus achieving some power equalization at the output of the chain.


So, what I'm really asking is: Assuming I already have the means of creating the control voltage, completely external to the RF chain, would the HMC463 be capable of responding to variations in the control voltage over the course of say, 1-10 us?


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