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BF548 Nand Flash Format

Question asked by Schamman on Nov 10, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by MartinK

Hello everyone!

I have a problem of the "NAND Flash Format" example of BF548 provided by VDSP5.0
( C:\VisualDSP 5.0\Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite\Services\File System\NAND\NandFormat)

I read the Readme.txt, I have two puzzles.


First it's said  :
/*  a 10 block region at the start of the array is reserved by default which is not managed by the FTL.
This region is intended to be used for NAND boot purposes.



Does it mean that I can't access block1 to block 10 to store my datas ?

if I need do some storing , I can only use the flash from block11 ?

Second question

/*IMPORTANT: This preparation need only be performed once in the life cycle of the NAND.
However, this application can be used multiple times to reformat the FAT 16
partition. Therefore, once prepared we strongly recommend that you comment out
line 61 of NandFormat.c once the FTL has been prepared:

#define     PREPARE_NFD_FOR_FTL"


does that mean :  when first using the flash I should keep  "#define  PREPARE_NFD_FOR_FTL" in my program, build and run .
and if I want to reformat the flash later,  I should omit this sentence in my program , rebuild and run.

I don't know Why should I do like this. is it nessary ?

I hope some one can help me
Thank you !

Wencong Chen