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AD9361 Driver includes axiadc... Xilinx? data structures and functions

Question asked by rjhale on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by rjhale

, static int32_t ad9361_hdl_loopback(struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy, bool enable)

  336 {

  337   struct axiadc_converter *conv = phy->adc_conv;

  338   struct axiadc_state *st = phy->adc_state;

  339  int32_t reg, addr, chan;


  341  uint32_t version = axiadc_read(st, 0x4000);


Code from ad9361.c.   Isn't this code (axiadc - read, write etc) Xilinx specific. Can it be typedef'ed out?  My design does not have a Xilinx associated with the AD9361. Will your driver still initialize without a Xilinx included in the design?  Will ad9361_init()  (and others) function correctly?  If the Xilinx is excluded, many routines and data structures are removed.

My goal is to use your driver to read and write the ad9361 initializing it locking the pll's performing calibrations etc. and then reading and writing I and Q all with respect to your specified timing

Thanks for your help