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Sigma DSP integration in micro controler - weird behavior

Question asked by vnadon on Jan 27, 2015
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It's been a while I've been running into problems with the integration of my Sigma DSP with a micro controler.


The problem is usually as follows:


1) When I try my Sigma DSP program real time using Sigma Studio everything is fine.


2) I export the Sigma DSP project using Sigma Studio's Export System files button after compiling.


3) Integrate the code in my micro controler


= Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't...


It all depends whether I have some specific blocks I added that causes my output audio signals to sound weird (out of pitch), or have no output at all... Again when I run it in Sigma Studio everything is fine, but not when using the micro controler.


Can this be because I'm using Sigma Studio 3.8?


I was able to bypass these problems, but now I really need to make it work...


Thanks for your help!