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What is ADV7188 Free-Run Output Format? ADV212 Locks Down!

Question asked by antenci on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by antenci

Hello, in my project, i have connected output of ADV7188 to input of ADV212 for jpeg2000 compression. input video is PAL. EAV/SAV mode is used.

User interface lets changing interlaced or de-interlaced output from ADV212.

When there is aPAL video on the input of ADV7188, there is no problem.

But when video signal does not exist, free-run mode brings out some strange things. for interlaced output, there is no problem. but for de-interlaced output, ADV212 locks down after a few frames output. So, I think that free-run output of ADV7188 is not compatible with PAL. But what is the exact output of free run mode and can we modify that?