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Skew / Delay measurements for HMC987LP5E / HMC988LP3E

Question asked by rshackleford on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by dyoung1

I'm considering the Hittite HMC987LP5E fan-out buffers to help distribute clock and synchronization signals for our application.  This application is particular sensitive to broadband jitter and skew between outputs and chips.  The HMC987LP5E datasheet has measurements for broadband jitter and output-to-output skew.  However it doesn't list a chip-to-chip skew or delay.  Have these been measured?  I will be distributing a 2.5 GHz clock. 
In addition to clock buffering I'm also interested in using the HMC987LP5E as a buffer for a one-time sync pulse.  Would the HMC987LP5E be suitable for this as it operates down to DC?

I'm also considering the HMC988LP3E to divide this 2.5 GHz clock down and buffer out to several devices.  Its datasheet doesn't list a chip to chip skew.  Has this been measured?

Thanks, Rusty