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ADV7604 RGB Full Range

Question asked by cottrela on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by cottrela

Dear Sirs,


I am using the ADV7604 to capture DVI-SL video (24-bit RGB), but I cannot get the ADV7604 to capture the full range RGB.


I have tried followed the advice in the following post (I am only using the ADV6704 chip):


But on my system, AVCODE_INSERT_EN is disabled and I still cannot get full range RGB.


I always want to use the full-range RGB, and I only need to support the DVI-I (integrated digital/analgue) connector.


How should I set my registers to force the full range RGB?


Some background:


I have tried adjusting many of the registers, for example::


If I set:
> IO map 0x02 = 0x12 (full RGB) then output video is truncated to the range 0 0 0 to 239 239 239. i.e. Every colour is 16 lower.


However, if I set:

> IO map 0x02 = 0x02 (limited RGB) then output video is full range (0 0 0 to 255 255 255), but the colours appear to have been altered in a non-linear way (could this be due to a YUV -> RGB conversion?)


Does anyone understand what is happening here?


B. Regards,