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ADV7280M I2P issue

Question asked by benwang on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by benwang

Hello Sir,


As I2P is one of good feature for ADV7280M, it helps on CPU off-loading by implementing interlace to progressive conversion. but one issue with ADV7280M I2P feature is that it is fixed algorithm instead of selectable multi-options, such that for some pattern image it is not optimal on performance. As attached is a example how ADV7280M I2P performs, 1st is reference image with optimized de-interlaced algorithm, 2nd is image with ADV7280M I2P algorithm, as showed ADV7280M I2P algorithm is not good to clarify low angle lines as mentioned by red line.

The question here is any more I2P alogirthms available for ADV7280M to select to improve or optimize I2P performance?


Thank you & best regards