New SigmaStudio 3.3 Beta Version Available

Discussion created by JeradL on Nov 9, 2010
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There is a new beta, version 3.2, of SigmaStudio available on the software's download page. The most significant update included in this version is support for both the Windows 7 OS and x64 (Vista and 7) processors. This version should not be used for production designs, but rather to preview bug fixes and new features that will be available in the next release. Please feel free to download this version and report any bugs (or things you like!) in the thread below. The download file includes installers for both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions; please choose the appropriate one for your PC.


The release information for this version includes:


Enhancements in SigmaStudio 3.3.0

  • Windows      Vista and Windows 7 x64 support.
  • New      installation process:
    • Default       Installation file path location for x64 architecture is Program Files       (x64).
    • Default       SigmaStudio projects path location is \<users>\Documents\Analog       Devices\SigmaStudio\Projects.
    • During       installation process, the user will be prompted with an additional USBi       installation. This is to install the right USBi drivers into the current       machine and it only needs to be run once.
  • PLL      wait command during “download-compile”.
  • Export      uC files with the wait command. This includes Sequencer support on wait      command.
  • Envelope      time span from 10 ms to 4400 ms.
  • Peaking      No Post Gain now supports full range.