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ADP1741ACPZ-R7 dropout voltage

Question asked by Belenie on Jan 27, 2015
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For analog Devices ADP1741ACPZ-R7 the datasheet specifies the dropout voltage for conditions when Vout is 1.8V or higher as 280mV max on page 3 (although footnote 4 actually says for when Vout is 1.6V or higher). The datasheet also shows the dropout voltage verses load current for both Vout = 1.6V and Vout = 2.5V in Figure 12 on page 8.


In my application, my Vout = 1.3V and I would like to know what my dropout voltage is @ 2A. It would be nice to see a graph as shown in Figure 12 but I would be happy with just knowing the worst case dropout with Vout = 1.3V and 2A load current.