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How to reset and restart a BF527 from SDRAM?

Question asked by Mathias on Nov 10, 2010
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I´m a undergraduate student and I´m working with a BF527.


I can reset the processor with the WDOG-Timer. That is not the problem.


I start the processor with a bootstream (.ldr-file) from SPI-flash. BMODE is set to 0011 with the hardwarepins.

After bootmode and  of all register, i will start a firmware with new registerhandlings and so on.

The firmware is laying on a pFlash. I download this new bootloader(firmware) to my SDRAM and will restart the processor

from the SDRAM.


The Manuals shows a lot of functions to do this, like a softwarereset from SWRST-register or WDOG-timer. It also shows a function

to boot from SDRAM, but it doesn´t work.


_BOOTROM_MEMBOOT in chapter 15-105 Hardwarereference


BOOTROM_flashboot((void*)0x00010000, BFLAG_RETURN, 0); in chapter 15-115 Hardwarereference


i try to use these functions, but linking these files failed. And the flags like the BFLAG_RETURN or other are unknown.


The processor starts the code from the EVT1-Table at address 0xFFE02004

I can read and write to this address, but after a WDOG-reset, this address consist the default value.


I don´t understand after reading so much how to reset from an other device else my SPI-flash.


My question:


How can realise a reset, which registers are important to change the EVT1-Table or to boot after a software-reset from SDRAM?

How can i use the BOOTROM functions, which header is important?


Can anybody show me a way to solve my problem?