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Getting Data From FMCADC2 from VC707

Question asked by acwvh4 on Jan 26, 2015
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I have purchased the VC707 to interface with the AD-FMCADC2-EZ FMC board to capture data and trigger signals. I have followed the instructions from the following AD wiki.


I downloaded the FMCADC2 file for the VC707. I used the second method to program VC707, running the "xmd -tcl run.tcl" command in the Vivado TCL shell. I have a mini USB cable connected to the UART port on the VC707, and I was able to log in to as root. Also, I hooked up the Ethernet port, and it displayed a new DHCP address and was able to ping my development machine. From the AD wiki at AXI ADC HDL Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki], I followed Driver Testing section to look at the name, lane information, etc. I was able to do that successfully.


What I want to do is capture ADC data and SYSREF trigger information so I can look at synchronization performance. I haven't been able to find information on capturing data easily using a program. I know an ILA core is on the firmware, but the debug_probe file wasn't included in the zip file I downloaded. Could someone point me to a wiki or how to guide to get ADC data and SYSREF trigger information onto my development computer? Do I use the ILA core? Do I copy over a program to the Microblaze that saves raw data to a file I can copy back over to my development machine?