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HMC637LP5E Operation

Question asked by eubankct on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by kkaya

I have an HMC637LP5E Evaluation board I am trying to work with, but I wanted to confirm my understanding of a couple of its specs before using it, to avoid damaging it (I don't have an easy or convenient way of getting another one, should I need it).  First, the eval board has two 4-pin headers on it, one labeled CNTL and one labeled VGG.  First, my understanding is that CNTL is connected to VGG2, which should be held constant at +5V, while VGG is connected to VGG1, which is used to bias the amplifier.  Second, my understanding is that the 400mA bias current is a DC bias.  Thank you for confirming or correcting these statements.