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ad9265 on Mini-ITX

Question asked by chadgentry on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by CsomI

I'm trying to modify the zc706 ad9265 project to work on the Mini-ITX.  Basically, I took the mini-itx adv7511 project and ran the build script for the ad9265 board which added the ad9265 pcore, dma, and the verilog spi code.  I then changed the pins xdc so that they matched the Mini-ITX's FMC.  I've triple checked these pins and am pretty sure they're correct.  On the linux side, I'm using the same kernel and at least as far as spi goes, the same information in the device tree.


However it's not working.  The driver spits out the following message and quits.

ad9467 spi32766.0: Unrecognized CHIP_ID 0x0

When I listen on the SPI bus, I never see any read or write commands to the A/D during boot up.  On my zc706, I can see multiple commands.  Plus, usually when the SPI fails to talk to the A/D, it gives the CHIP_ID as 0xff, but in this case it's 0x0.  At first I thought maybe the pins were wrong of the connector was bad, but when I manually drive those pins, I can see them just fine.


Any help is appreciated!