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SigmaStudio V3.11 "Adaptive Mixer Dual"

Question asked by CraigD on Jan 26, 2015
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I recently tried to implement a cross fade based on input threshold using the Advanced DSP algorithm titled "Adaptive Mixer Dual (graph)".  When I had the DSP connected (link, connect, download) and actively programmed, the algorithm worked well.  I cleared the E2PROM and then wrote the current configuration to E2PROM.  On self-boot, the algorithm did not load correctly


I reconnected the USBi header, performed a download and the algorithm still didn't work.  I clicked on the "graph" radio button on the block,and once the graphic opened up, the algorithm began to function correctly. I have had this fail on three separate systems.


I am using SigmaStudio V3.11 Build 2 Rev 1396 on an HP laptop running Win 8.1.  I duplicated this on an older laptop running Win7 on a different processor, so I don't believe it is machine related.


Please let me know if this is a bug and an ETA for a fix.


Thank you,