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ADE7758  specification

Question asked by Terumasa on Jan 26, 2015
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Please let me know your advice about below question of  ADE7758.

If you need any confirmation, please let me know it.

At the moment, under development of Micro controller and ADE7758.



Do we need any wait time to do SPI serial communication ( input to SCLK)  after supply of ADE7758  is reached to 5V ?

(On the other words, Can I input SPI clock to ADE7758 immediately after power supply ?)

And, is there any change about below two case ?

A) Case of 10.000MHz external clock to CLKIN.

B) Case of crystal (10.000MHz) connected  across CLKIN and CLKOUT



When clock of 10MHz input to ADE7758 and ADE7758 is operated correctively,

how long does it take to calculate the reuslt about  ACTIVE/REACTIVE/APPARENT ENERGIESAND VOLTAGE/CURRENT RMS ?

In the other words,

is there any delay in  our monitored register value ?

(For example, register value is  the data on 1ms after internal AD converter starts to convert )