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USBi Required for 64 bit ADAU1702 EVAL?

Question asked by wsaba on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by ColemanR

Hello, I'm using the 1702 based EVAL board and I am having trouble communicating with the device over standard USB (using the 1702 communication channel I believe is for the board). I don't have the USBi interface because the board was lent to me and the person claims to not have one.  I was able to get USB drivers to install and for the light on the device to come on but failed to get a communication link in SigmaStudio which came up with an error message saying that I need to use a USBi communication channel on my (64 bit machine) computer. Should I be able to workaround with a 32 bit machine? I have a limited budget for purchasing accessories that will be irrelevant when I have to return the board anyways (borrowed for senior project) and would like some clarification as to if this is the issue (lack of USBi interface) or if there's something wrong with the board.




Will Saba