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Need help with dynamic programming basics ADAU1702

Question asked by wsaba on Jan 26, 2015
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Hi, so I'm working on a project where I'm using a micro-controller to drive a display/menu system and program filter coefficients (using a 1702 based evaluation board) such as updating crossover, limiter, or eq. I've done a bit of digging in the user manual and on page 30 it mentions a feature called safeload write. Would it be possible to do what I would like to do: essentially I'd like to read the data memory from essentially a blank set of parametric filters and crossover, modify some parameters with a microcontroller over I2c, and write them back on the fly)?


How would I go about managing the memory and making sure I'm updating the correct registers if so? 

Let's assume it's much easier to do all the rotary encoder programming for the menu system in Sigma-Studio rather than outside (which appears to be the case), how would I set up a menu where depending on where I was I would be editing a different filter/parameter with the same knob.


The goal of the system is to create a 2x4 dsp that can be monitored on a LCD (small, think 1x3 inches) and can be altered while music is playing to configure hipass/lowpass per output, speaker EQ, limiting, phase inversion, delay.


Here is an overview of how the menu flow should ideally work. Each -> indicates a press in the rotary encoder:


Menu system displayed on a small LCD with the following structure:

Speaker Mode -> BIAMP or SUB (biamp treats the second pair of outputs as "tweeters" and SUB considers it a sub - mono signal, lower)

Limiter - > Each output, displayed in -dB

Parametric EQ -> Filter 1, Filter 2, Filter 3, Filter 4, Filter 5 -> type (HS/LS/BP) -> Q or gain or frequency -> Individual data edit

Crossovers - > Speaker group (1/2 - sub/hi, 3/4 - mids/fullrange) -> LP or HP -> Filter type (BTW 12,24,48, LR 12/24/48) or Frequency



Thanks and any help would be appreciated, feel free to link me to other similar designs that you know of.