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[Need help]:ADV7626 can not output video

Question asked by snowdream on Jan 26, 2015
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Hi all:


   i have a question need your help: the adv7626 can not output video.


    when i use adv7626 to do some designning, i found that comparing to input stream parameter(1920*1080p/60hz = 148.5Mhz), the adv 7626 HDMI Rx tmds pll measurement tell me the input signal is just 74.5Mhz and the input resulotion is ok.


    i bypassed the cp block and osd block but in the TX block, the measurement for Tx input video signal checking told me the vic code is 64 which is stands for 1920*1080p/100hz,


    i do not know whether the field freq will affect my video out.


    Followings are the register value in the adv 7626 just for reference.



    thank you so much