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SPDIF analysys on 21364 ez-kit

Question asked by Nesrider on Jan 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by Harshit.Gaharwar

Hello everybody. I want to analyse 21364 kit for SPDIF to analog fidelity. What I want to do is to insert via spdif a signal (for ex. 10kHz sine) and in different configurations observe what I get via analog output. I need to check the signals in three cofigurations - first one is that the sampling clock is being recovered from SPDIF input signal, second is that the clock from signal is excluded and the 21364 itself has to build the sampling clock(using the ticking of build-in one), and the third configuration is with buffering the samples and sending them via analog output (with build-in clock, and other way with recovered clock from SPDIF signal) from buffer in FIFO order.

What my problem is - I am not quite good in c#, I of course understand it, but I am not sure how to make this analysys properly. I just tried to start from the example SPDIF talkthrough but I just dont understand how it works, and comments dont come to me clearly. Can somebody please help me? Its not that I cant program, I understand c#, cause I can program in cpp, but my abilities got little rusty.